Generic flow service for AS2 Outbound transactions

Hello friends,
I am trying to write a generic flow service to send AS2 data to customers. The design is to have one processing rule for all AS2 customers. That processing rule invokes this one generic flow service. We can’t invoke wm.EDIINT:send directly from the processing rule right? I am writing a flow service that wraps send service. I am trying to get values to input fields in the send service.

How do I get the values to the inputs to the send service… type, deliveryMethod, requestMDN, requestSignedReceipt? Can I invoke any built in services in WmTN, WmEDI, WmEDIforTN packages to get these values? I want this flow service to be generic for all AS2 customers.

Please suggest. Thanks.

Hi Venkat,

You should be able to get most of the input to the SEND service from TN profile (Delivery and Extended fields) and what that does not provide you may choose to store and retrieve from TN TPA.

wM built-in services (please see BIS Guides) will handle most of this, but you may wish to develope some reusable services as well to facilitate.