Generative AI(ChatGPT) Business Design Workshop Tues April 25th 1pm CET

Join us for the webMethods User Group DACH - 25. April 20 10:30 - 17:00 in person at the Customer Briefing Center Software AG Darmstadt Ulandstraße or online.

As you may have experienced, Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are becoming increasingly important in shaping the future of business. With this in mind, we have just added an additional workshop to our DACH User Group Meeting in Darmstadt to further explore this topic.

We invite you to join us for an interactive Generative AI (ChatGPT) Business Design Workshop happening from 1pm to 3pm during this User Group Meeting.

We are running this in collaboration with Software AG’s Design Days. We are particularly pleased to announce that Mark Tipins Director, Strategic Next Practices @ Mural will join us to share his many years of design expertise. He will also be helping us to moderate our workshop on a dedicated Mural board.

Yesterday I had a very productive session with him where we were discussing out the flow of the workshop and I think it is going to be super interesting and powerful for everyone involved.

Here Mark Tippin is sketching out the workshop.

  • Three acts in the workshop:

    1. Welcome, warm-up, overview, and demo
    2. Breakout group selection and activity
    3. Group sharing, capturing insights, and concluding
  • Use of avatars for participants, with color customization and sentiment lines to gauge experience with AI.

  • Breakout groups with a clear target for activity and sharing back to the group, focusing on the experience and outcomes of using AI.

  • Capture insights and statistics from breakout group experiences to discuss implications for designers and AI usage.

We will also briefly demo our new ChatGPT Connector that is now available on

Ensuring a great collaboration experience for everyone we require for even the User Group participants in Darmstadt to be on their laptops. Mark lives on the West Coast of the US aka it will be 4am for him. Let’s make it count! Language of the workshop will be English.

We encourage you to bring an open mind and be prepared to engage in active discussion and problem solving with industry experts. We are all new to and fascinated by the opportunities offered by ChatGPT & Co. We believe that by working together we can find new ways to harness the power of these tools.

P.S. This invitation has been partially created with the help of ChatGPT4 and DeepL Write.



The virtual session can be joined by anyone from anyone and will be in English!

Can’t wait to see you there!