Generating implementation for Pip3A4 Buyer Model error

I want to implement the sample webMethods provided ,so I do it step by step against wmRN_SampleGuide(.pdf).I have install Pip3A4,but when generating business process using wM Modeler,errors occured.The error message is below:
Generating implementation for “Pip3A4 Buyer Model”

Validating process model “Pip3A4 Buyer Model”…

  • If correlating, make sure to assign correlation service to potential start nodes…
    ! Error: Document “5064sn00tuslbmj300000005” does not exist…
    ! Error: Document “InternalPORequest-------” does not exist…

“Pip3A4 Buyer Model” generation failed with 2 errors.


This sounds like you are missing document definitions or not all components are loaded.
When using these RN samples ensures:

  1. You have loaded all RN packages correctly and they are active: WmRosettNet, WmIPRoot, WmRNIF11TRP, WmRNIF20TRP, WmRNSample, WmPips
  2. Check if you have loaded PIP3A4 and documents actually visible in WM
  3. Ensure TN configurations are correct and TN worknig
  4. Modeler adn Monitor are configured
  5. IS has all DB pools defined for Modeler PRT and TN
  6. Ensure Modeler configured to use DB

I have checked against with the six keys what you mentionded,but it seems no improved.

In fact,I don’t know why and how to ensure Modeler configured to use DB when I have defined DB pools for Modeler PRT and TN.And are there some special configurations I have to do for Modeler and Monitor except defining the DB pools?What?


Hi Kenny,

I was experincing the same problem which you are facing. After importing the “SamplePip3A4.par” model that the problem resolved.

Try this out. I hope, It would solve your problem.