Generate flat file without Record ID

Hello All,

I need some help ! i’m trying to generate flat file withe multiple record (record for header and other with ‘Max repeat=Unlimited’ for body ).
The issue is i’m not able to generate the file without displaying the Record ID :

HeaderRecordId head2 head2
BodyRecordId field2 field3
BodyRecordId field2 field3

Any idea about how to do ?

Thank you in advance


please have a look at the FlatFile Development Help guide, this one should have some explanation on how to define the schema, dictionary and doc type for such flat files.


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Hello Holger,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve already look at the SAG guide but no solution found ! could you please give me reference if you think i missed something ?



Let me know what you are exactly trying to achieve here.

if your target or source flat file is as below. And you need to process the same


Create a Dictionary as below and set the Default records for the same in schema

Parsing should look like the below.

if you are expectation is something else , kindly elaborate what is you are trying to achieve in this implementation


Caveat - Note that this will apply to ALL flat-files (i.e., existing interfaces), since this acts as a global parameter; DO NOT change this without performing an impact analysis.

If you’re using the service convertToString, then customization is available in the Flat-file Schema Developers Guide -

Config File -

Parameter -


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Hello Dinesh, Kasi ,

Thank you for your replies.

@Dinesh: Yes i look to get the same result as you show above (without displaying RecordID), but with header has different structure (fixed position) than body of file.

@Kasi: it seems exactly what i’m looking for, but this will impact all used flat-files.

I end up by creating tow different schema and document type : one for Header and the second for the Body using recordWithNoID, then i concatenate the generated strings into one file.

Best Regards

@amd_igou ,

Yes then you have to create separate schemas for header and details since you are having mix of records parser for single file.

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