genearted id of tab control

Hallo All

I am new to CAF and working in portlet development.

I am using the Toogle tabs control.
Triyng to get the id of the selected tab
How can i get the generated id of the contorl in CAF.

thank you in advance

Are you trying to get the selected tab on the client-side with javascript running in the browser? Or are you trying to get the selected tab on the server-side from custom java code?


I add a sample project that I made, I hopes that will help you.

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Ismael (15.2 KB)

Hallo all

Thank you for the help.

I was trying to get the client id of the selected tab in the javascript.I imlemented it by iterating the tablist.


Ok. For javascript, the client-side model for the tab control has a ‘selected()’ method that would return the selected tab.

See: [url][/url]

The javascript snippet would look something like this:

var m = CAF.model('#{caf:cid("tab_control_id_here")}');
var selectedTabModel = m.selected()[0]; //first entry in selected array
var selectedTabValue = selectedTabModel.getValue();