gauranteed Delivery without using Broker


How can we accomplish gauranteed Delivery without using Broker?

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Need more information about what you are attempting to do.

You can’t actually guarantee delivery. Not to be too philosophical but you can’t even guarantee the earth will be here an hour from now. Not saying this to be flippant, just be careful what you promise your clients - guaranteed delivery is a big deal. The closest you can get to that with webMethods is to use the broker with guaranteed document types, and to publish them immediately in your flows. Beyond that, the best way to guarantee storage would be to immediately store documents (e.g. in a database). Once you have this “guaranteed” storage, you could “ensure” recovery, which would be akin to guaranteed delivery. Note that even if you could guarantee delivery, it is impossible to enforce the ultimate goal of “timely guaranteed delivery”. If these things don’t make sense, i recommend studying up on queueing theory a bit (sorry, not trying to be mean).


Yes, a robust integration that doesn’t lose documents in transit can be built without Broker. IS hosts several tools to help, including Trading Networks, the Process Engine (formerly Process Run-time or PRT) and others.

Thanks to all for the info. What are all the possible services (Asking this Q just out of curiosity) we can use, inorder to guarantee a delivery using the tools mentioned by Rob ?


Can you share a bit more about what you are attempting to “guarantee”?



I’m just trying to publish a document using pub.publish:publish in FlowService1. Created a trigger to Trigger FS2 for the publishable document type (FYI: storage type set to “Guaranteed”) used in FS1. Doing so, means guaranteed delivery using Broker. As per my understanding of Rob, there might be some other ways of Doc deliveries w/o the use of Broker. Just wanted to know them. Hope the info provided is enough to answer, else please let me know.


Hi All,

We have a scenario where we are making a SOAP call from webMethods to a non webMethods system. We want to make sure that when non webMethods system is down, our request is not lost i.e we want a kind of gauranteed Delivery. Can anyone please suggest what are the various ways in which we can achieve this?
We are not very keen on using Broker for this.


You want to impose a requirement on the provider of the service to provide some type of “guaranteed delivery”. You would have to describe the requirement and then depend on the service provider to meet it. In addition to a easily understood service-level agreement between the two parties, you shoudl also conduct testing to verify that the requirement has been met.

Nothing in the service consumer (IS in this case) could be used to create guaranteed delivery for the third-party provided service. You can only ensure that the HTTP post is successful and that the provider returns something that means your request has been received (functional ack). Whether the provider actually implements something to really handle a failure after receipt of your request is up to them to do and you to test.


Guaranteed delivery on the Broker simply assures that Broker won’t lose the document. Simply, when an adapter or IS publish a document to the Broker and the Broker returns a positive ack, the document is guaranteed to be safely stored in Broker storage on disk. From the Broker out, guaranteed means the Broker supplied the document to the retrivieng adapter or IS and received a positive ack.

Guaranteed delivery on IS means that IS will guarantee that it will invoke the configured service for a document (processing or delivery) and will do so until that service successfully executes (no errors thrown).

TN delivery services and the Process Engine use the IS guaranteed facilities.

The scope of these gaurantees are at the communication boundaries of Broker and IS. Broker guarantee only assures that the Broker won’t lose the document. IS guarantee only assures that the intended service was executed without error (which may or may not give any indication whatsoever that the document was delivered to its intended third party).

The Guaranteed Delivery Developer User’s Guide has the details for IS.