Full-text search capabilities?

I’m currently evaluating search vendors that satifies both my full-text & xml requirements.

I know that Tamino satisfies my xml requirements, I’m uncertain on the full-text part. Is Tamino able to index regular text documents (non-xml) as well as word, pdf, and ppt documents?

Can anyone comment on indexing performance as well as query performance on full-text searches? Are the basic full-text features supported such as spell check, boolean logic operators, indexing crawlers, …?

Appreciate any information anyone can provide,

hi beeble,
with tamino full-text retrieval is a built-n function, which is exposed thru the extention of the query language.

furthermore tamino manages non-xml data as of today. with the upcoming release in summer we’ll enhance this functionality by supporting indexing of non-xml data.

which scenario do you have in mind?


hi. is there such a thing as an HTML filter for the full-text search in Tamino? i know such a thing exists for SQL Server 2000. if you have a CDATA element that contains a chunk of HTML code in it, can the full-text search be made to ignore the HTML tags? meaning, if you search for the word “font”, it won’t return every element that contains an HTML tag?