full PIP listing while creating routing rule

Dear friends

We implemented rosettanet message 9X3 EPOD by creating a flow process in the Developer GUI of WebMethods B2Bi Server 4.6. The PIP structure is stored in a subfolder of package WmRosettaNet as WmRosettaNet/wm/rn/b2b/rec/PIPs/PIP9X3ElectronicProofOfDelivery\PIP9X3ElectronicProofOfDelivery.

All packages were exported out of developer GUI, placed in folder
…server3\replicate\inbound*.zip and then uploaded to server via the AdminGUI.

However, while creating a routing rule for this new message in the AdminGUI using menu Routing, the drop down list of PIPs does not include the PIP for this new message.

We have already tried restarting the application server. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in resolving this error.

Thanking you
Sriram (Ram) Peddibhotla, PhD
MIS & IT Project Manager
Eagle Global Logistics, Inc.