FTPS Implementation


We have a requirement where we have to post files to a FTPS server.

I have read the guides where it is mentioned that in the ftp login service we have to set the auth variable to “SSL”

Can you please let me know what are the pre-requisites below like

a)How the certificate configuration must be done(should we take the partners certificates and configure it in our server) -> need a detailed explanation on this.

b)How the keys should be exchanged.

Any help on this would be very useful

pls first review the detail documented in webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference for service

The cert configuration should be the same as HTTPS connections:
you need to trust the server’s root and intermediate that you are connecting to. You can do this by loading their certs to your IS’s trust store.

Apart from the above you can use the OpenSSH package for SFTP/FTPS implementation…Please request to get the package either from SAG support or the downloads section of this forum: