FTPGateway in

The new and improved FTPGateway supplies all needs for FTPing, but introduce a problem for me. The property xbd.ftp.commands is a combination of two dataelements:

Often the filename is a part of the payload, and can be extracted via the emerger. But how can you combine a static string like “get” and an Xpath into the payload??

The same problem is present in the “set” element that only can set from another property or a static string. But often I know that I want to get or put a file, but only the filename is in the payload, or is send to the mediator as a property. Then you have to alter the payload via stylesheet before emerging the filename with the command (“get”) in front.

If combining static and variable data is possible in emerger/set, please enlighten me. But else a change in the FTPGateway could be nice, split command and filename in two.

Version 7.3.1 of Mediator will support XPath expressions in various parts of the sequence, and these expressions will be evaluated by the sequencer at runtime. For example, you will be able to set a property like xbd.ftp.commands to the result of the XPath expression:
concat("get ",/root/child/node)
This should do exactly what you want.