FTP service help needed - doing a get/put involving multiple

webMethods 6.1

I’ve read the FTP documentation and and as a rookie to this whole thing, I set up a service as shown below. I did a lot of inputs on the service in fields and didn’t utilize a configuration file (mainly because I don’t understand that yet). Below is the format that I did in Developer, followed by my question:

pub.client.ftp:login (first remote server - KLIPPER)
LOOP over /dirlist
pub.client.ftp:login (second remote server - JOHNSON)
pub.client.ftp:logout (second remote server - JOHNSON)
pub.client.ftp:logout (first remote server - KLIPPER

My question concerns whether or not the above is the best way to handle this. I’m looking for some feedback on this. I’ve been struggling with this and am not sure if I did this correctly. I wasn’t sure if there needed to be two separate flows or if the above was good. Overall, I’m trying to get a file from KLIPPER, then login to the JOHNSON server, rename the file, and then append the file on the JOHNSON server.



Just like to suggest few things based on our experience in doing FTP.

It seems to me that you’re loging in to your “JOHNSON”
in the loop. IMHO it is better to connect to your 2nd FTP server out of the loop.

Connecting and disconnecting normally is the bottleneck in FTP situation.
You have to avoid multiple attemps of connections to the same server in the loop.

For simple 2 machines FTP, I think your solutions is good enough.

Good luck !