FTP server getting files from IS


Has anyone been able to place a file on the IS file system, then have an FTP server mget the files from the FTP port? Example: We receive files in from the customer and instead of FTP’ing the file to the FTP server we place the file into the file system and through the FTP port have the FTP server get the files. Is this even possible without using the /admin space?

Any help would be appreciated,

It’s possible that you could create an IS service that performs this way but I’d advise against it.

Here’s another approach to consider:

  • Place the outbound file on a network share that is accessible by a “real” FTP server. Or use IS to FTP the file to that server.

  • The customer’s FTP process would retrieve files from the “real” FTP server, instead of IS.

FTP interaction with IS is great for invoking services, but for “traditional” FTP behavior you’re better off with an FTP server that works in the “normal” fashion.