FTP File Polling

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I always find myself involved in integrations that require polling for a file on an external FTP server. By now, I have a neat little service (at least I think it’s neat :)) that takes care of some basic things related to this type of processing (ex. renaming/moving the file before processing, deleting/archiving the file after processing, etc, etc.) However, I was thinking it would be much neater if this functionality existed as an adapter-typa-thing, similar to the File Polling Port but with added parameters such as server name, username, and password.

I understand some other integration tools like BusinessWare and iWay provide this kind of adapter, so I was trying to figure out why the IS doesn’t… or does it?


I am with you Percio,we can put this item in Advantage IS wish list and WM may include this feature in future IS releases.what do you say?


Sounds like a plan.

I was contemplating writing the adapter myself just to see what it takes to do it. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with the adapter development kit yet.

However, first I wanted to see if anyone out there had already given this specific adapter a try OR if anyone out there knew of any reasons why I shouldn’t even bother trying (ie. writing an FTP adapter would be a pain in the butt because … hence webMethods didn’t do it.) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply though. I’ll send a feature request to webMethods like you suggested and I’ll let you know what they say.

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Hi All,

Any update on this…is this feature there in WM6.5. Also if you have created any adapter and can share with me please snd them to pradeep.pappu@gmail.com