FTP File patter with date

hi all,

I am facing a problem while listing files with certain pattern over a FTP session.

The files in the server will be in the following format:
like this …

Now, I need to list all the files which are of current date.

I am using the service, pub.client.ftp.ls service. I have tried with so many patterns possible, but could not generate the one needed.

Could anybody help me in this?
Thanks a lot.

First step: Call the service pub.date:getCurrentDateString and set its pattern to yyyyMMdd.

In the next step call the service pub.client.ftp.ls and set the field filenamepattern to %value%*.txt and Check the option “perform variable substitution”.

This should give you the list of of all the files on the ftp from Today.

Bhawesh Singh.