From Oracle Application Adapter to JDBC Adapter

I know a service in webMethods WmART package which changes the adapter connection in all the adapter services without going through with each adapter service and flow. But is there any service which changes all the Oracle Application Adapter services to JDBC Adapter services without going through all the flow and adapter services manually. If not what would be the best approach to convert them since we have more than 40 interfaces and each of them have atleast 3 adapter services.

Any help will be appreciated.

P.S : We are not using any built in transaction definition for OAAdapter, and OAAdapter version is 6.0 and JDBC Adapter is 6.03.

Still no response, comon RMG, Rob and Dan.

Sorry for the delay…but i dont have enough clue for your problem related to OA adapter migration…
Hope someone else will light on this…


Hi Talha,
Can you tell me nname of the adapter service in WmART which I can use for JDBC adapter services to change the connection name?
Thanks in adavance!