I need a query with the missing following-sibling axis.

I need the “elem” element by the name of the “ann” element


yes, it is true that the following-sibling acis is not supported in Tamino 4.4.
Still, most things this axis is used for should be possible without it.
However, I do not understand what you are trying to do.
If you need to find the “elem” element that is a child of an “ann” element
with a certain name, this is acchieved by ann[attname=“attvalue”]/elem.
Please elaborate.


The problem is that the element is not a child but the next element.

I need the element between the 2 ann elements with the attribute name=test

Ah, yes, now I see.

You can get the position of the "ann " element and then access the
element having the following position:

let $ann := ann[name=“test”]
let $parent := $ann/…
let $siblings := $parent/*
let $position := for $sibling at $i in $siblings
return if ($ann[name=“test”] then $i else ()
return $parent/*[$position + 1]