Flowservice not accepting input from designer

Can you help me understand why my service doesn’t accept input. I am trying to feed this service from a dsp page .As a prelimenary step i ran this service and tried to load document. which went into error.“unable to parse file”

P.S: I have the file in the same location where the IS is running.


please open the file locally and copy&paste the content to the filed manually.

What is the expected content of the variable InputFF?
The filename?

Is getFile working coorectly?
Is the file or the directory where file resides configured in WmPublic/config/fileAccessControl.cnf in the entry allowedReadPaths?

Remember to reload WmPublic package after changing the config file.



Thanks for prompt response. I was to able to get the desired output when i remove input/output from my service. The issue is when i choose to put in Input/output in my service as a document.