Flow Service Getting triggered after delay


We have very strange production issue and here is the scenario,

  1. Document is published to Broker
  2. Document gets queued on the Broker
  3. Document is retrieved from the Broker Que.

All the above steps happen in near real time, but the flow service executes only after 23min of delay which has naturally became an issue.

We are running on IS 601SP2.

The Settings —> Resources —> Document Store settings are default, with Client side queing set to “ON”.

I tried to disable/enable the trigger and the worst I deleted it and created a new trigger but with no success to make the flow trigger in near Real Time.

I checked for memory usage at the time and its normal, almost about 93% of threads are available and CPU usage is normal.

Any ideas would be of great help. Thank you in advance

Vijay Kumar

try diabling client side queuing and see if speeds up the process, also what is the document size and number of docs you are trying to process? Default settings for document store can be a problem if your volume is high, see if that is an issue.