Flow service for reading text


I need to write a Flow service to perform below function:

In incoming XML I have an element called “Description

Use HTMLDecode Service 2 times
and then you will get some reasonable output with which you can find it

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for your response. Looks like most of my text was trimmed down and only first few lines were left. My query was

In incoming XML I have an element called “Description" which internally contains HTML code. Now I need to read through this HTML code to ascertain that “Accept” is the first word in the response text followed by a line feed or carriage return . I would like to ignore all the HTML tags before this but not normal text for example

1 - please Accept my request </html tag>- is not good text as this contains please infront of accept and is not followed by a line feed or line break
2 - Accept
</html tag> - is a valid answer.
3 - Accept < > - is also valid
4 - Accept < > - is also valid

What I have done so far -
1 - First called HTMLDecode a few times until I had “lt;” in my html text
2 - then wrote a sequence step to ignore all the html tags before “>” (greather then) sign followed by “Accept” text
3 - then called indexOf and check if it is exisit on the 1st or 0th location
4 - then check if it was followed by any of three break, line feed or carraige return codes
5 - if yes, then performed some action else something else.

But, I am not convinced that it is a best way of doing it and any suggestion of streamlining it further would be highly commended.

Many thanks,