Flatfile to Record in BC

I have a flat file. I have defined the XML Template for reading the flat file. I intend to create all the segments as Recordlists. The segment definition has the ARRAY=“YES” also.

But when the number of records for any segment is 1, then the output is a Record.

could any one help. thanks in advance
Bhavani Shankar

You can include the names of all the nodes that you want as recordLists in the arrays tab.
More importantly you can search this forum and see more discussions on this.
Good Luck!

Hi Vinod,

I have a peculiar problem. We get Order data in XML format from the customers. At times Customers send in only one order with one order line. If I use documentToRecord, it translates XML and maps it to my Record Structure, but converts all recordLists (OrderLines, Orders) to records. What is the way out? Is it a bug? or Should I do something differently.

Hi Atul,

You’ll need to specify your output record name in the recordName field of the documentToRecord service.