FlatFile to Database

Hello everyone,

I have a flatfile with a record and i want to insert these records detail in to database ,

so can you please tell me what steps i have to taken to do this task.


I dont see any complication in this?

Try to create the Flat file schema/Dictionary/document and write the flow service to read the flow service and get the flat file values to the document.

Create a JDBC adaptor and make a call to the JDBC Adaptor by passing the required values from the document you created from flat file.

Message back if you feel any complications.

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check my steps

check out the screen shot what i did.
and plz tell me rest of the steps that i have to do.


Hi Rohit,

create an AdapterService for JDBC-Adapter (Select InsertTemplate) and point to your JDBC-Connection.
Configure the Table as “..” assuming that the connection already points to the right user/schema in the db.

Select the columns for the table to which the data should be inserted.
Check for the DataTypes (CLOBs should be set to java.lang.String; see JDBC-Adapter-Users Guide for details).

Add this service to your flow and map the fields from FF-Output to the Input of the AdapterService.

This should do the trick.


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