Flat file with single quotes in around fields

Hello, I have a flat file like this:
‘Order’,1,‘Order Description, for Tommy’,‘5’

How do I define my schema such that it takes the string in ’ ', but outputs only the content, i.e. ouput should be
Order = Order
Number = 1
Description = Order Description, for Tommy
Quantity = 5

Please help!

In the FlatFile Schema Editor specify Under Field or Composite section-- Character string = ’


Ignore my posting,since it won’t work as per your requirement.


I do not believe there is any way to accomplish your goal via the flat file schema. However, to accomplish the same thing, why not just pass all of your flat file data into the pub.string:replace built-in service, and specify as your searchString and leave the replaceString empty? And if there are some apostrophes in the data that you want to keep, then you could call the replace service on a field by field basis after performing the convertToValues.


Thanks to all for responding, however I replaced the ’ with blank for fields in the file prior to processing and it works.

BTW … replacing ’ with blank will not work as

‘Order’,1,‘Order Description, for Tommy’,‘5’

Order Description
for tommy

will become two seperate fields
I think we just need to replace ‘, or ,’ with ,


Yeah, I saw that too Terry, but I was betting that:

'Order',1,'Order Description, for Tommy','5'

is really supposed to look like:

'Order',1,'Order Description for Tommy','5'

It sounds like he got things working though.

Yes, I replaced ‘, and ,’ with | and it worked.
Thanks for responding.