Flat file validation of variable length type.

I want to use variable length flat file as follows

I created ffDictionary and ffSchema based on the above format.While extracting using “pub.flatFile:convertToValues” I am getting the following exception
“com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: java.io.IOException: [FFP.0014.0003] Variable Length file format invalid, file ended before record filled”.
If it is fixed length and Delimited then working fine.For variable length I am unable to get the records.Any suggestions please let me know. :roll:

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Does anyone has the solution for the above post ? or any other link to solve the problem?

No,Mr Ryo Takashiro.Still I did n’t get any solution for that type of FlatFiles… :shock: .


Can you tell a bit more about the problem?
How many fields do you have in your flat file?
What is the field delimiter?
Do you tried adding the field delimiter after the last field?

Hi fbruno69,
As per the documentation, the first to bytes of each record is the length of the record,but I’m unable to parse the fields as mentioned in above example.This is just a practice,not the requirement or else.Just I would like to know the format of the variable length flatfiles and it’s schema definition.