Flat File Schema Question

I have a relatively simply flat file structured like this:

classDesc=sample data
subClassDesc=more data

I am using a delimited schema and setting up each line as a new record with newline as the record delimiter and = as the field delimiter.

90% of the file parses correctly but the subClassDesc gets added as a child record within subClass. The subClassDesc value is parsing correctly but the child record name within subClass is also named subClass (and not subClassDesc). Also, an error generates that /subClass/subClass is an unexpected record. It is as if the parser, when reaching subClassDesc stops in the middle of the term and assumes it is the previous record name.

This only happens for a few ‘records’ within the structure. For example, the lines with class and classDesc parse fine. I checked each entry in the schema definition and even the hex of the flat file and am at a loss.:confused:

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

i have one Q in our case we have header and we have 3 contents like a , b, c .b is to be neglected only we need to parse a and c this is only for one record so this schema is fixed length and delimited .for the next record delimiter is \n \n and for a b and c delimiter is \n with in a fields are delimited by tab.how to parse this type of file?

One suggestion:

Define subClassDesc as a record. Dont define subClass at all. however create a Default record with structure of subclass and it will work fine.

Check this option and let us know if that works


I am not getting . so i ll give you the pattern

1st record abc def ghi klm nop---------- 1st content
XXX CHANGE: +.BBB +.BBB +.BBB +.BBB -----2nd content
XXX PRICE : AAA AAA AAA AAA-- 3rd content

2 \n
2nd record abc jhf ert uiu kfg jk E-75

need to parse this type of file.
pls suggest some ways to solve this.


Please give the error you are facing. I have got this working in one of my previous projects where 2 records had a names “Record” and “Record1”.

With the error or the way the parse is happening, we can try resolving it.

Also, your sample data and the earlier schema are not matching? Is this something new problem u are facing.


no it’s same problem,but what u have told i didn’t got so i given a sample file.


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Let me check your issue and get back.

Regret for the confusion

k ,thank u…