FLAT FILE SCHEMA creation problem

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                 !!! HELP!!!!

this is Teja and I have a certain problem here. I have to create a FlatfileSchema for a file with the following data.


Header 1(5,4)
Detail(s) 2 (9)
Trailer 3(5,4)

I am unable to Parse the File

the above is a fixedlength file and i am a bit confused as it consists of 3 different records and how should i combine them. as these are the three records from a file. how can I parse them?

Can somebody suggest the help as it is quite urgent. immediate help is Appreciated. i have searched the threads existing but unable to find the answer…:confused:

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Can you post some sample data


Tell us about your existing FFSchema,so that we can assist you in better way.Also please go thru the ISFlatFileSchemaUserguide for setting up delimiter or fixedlength schemas.

You can also select delimiter option and specify record parser,field or composite delimiters based on your sample flatfile data.

If you dont have record identifiers,then set RecordDefinition to recordWithNoID and define fielddefinitions.Try to create like this

Header (RecordDefinition)
—Details (set properties maxRepeat=unlimited)

Your field positions should be exact the same that you define in fielddefinitions (FixedPosition option).If your RecordDefinition and fielddefinitions matches against yoru flatfile data then only ff parse will be successful.


Thanks RMG and shubhro.
my file type is as follows.

2Item1 ---------->(recordID,Itemname,4spaces)

meantime,I shall go ahead with what RMG has suggested.

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hi RMG,

I have tried as per your suggestion,

I have added the Records Header
–Detail(s)(Unlimited property)

and also used the Delimited property with recorddelimiter as “newLine” and there is no fieldDelimiter.
but, I see Each of the Record is not being identified as unique and the data in Secondrecord is also getting populated in the fields of the First record again with the Documentlist “recordWithNoID[0] and recordWithNoID[1]” and so on…

Where can i define the record ID that would be Identified the parser individually each record.

kindly suggest the remedy…

Teja :rolleyes:

Select the Delimiter option and not fixed length option.

Is your record identifier is recordID(same name for Header,Details,Trailer)??It should be different and independent then you can define RecordDefinition one for each (Header,Details,Trailer) like i shown above

Can you upload your sample flatfile,Go Advanced and browse file for uploading,so that we can have a look regarding format.i am confused with your file format.



hi RMG,

Already Selected the Delimiter option and not fixed length option.

Is your record identifier is recordID(same name for Header,Details,Trailer)?? yes

I have Uploaded the file as an attachment.
kindly find this.

onedoc.txt (40 Bytes)

I checked your file but it doesnt starts with recordID (as starting element)??

If not recordWithNoID is the only option for parsing your file…but there is no way you can identify the header/details/trailer record with out differentiating. Iin your file if 1 means (Header) and 2 repeats(Details) and 3 (Trailer) then base these as record identfiers and it will work


If your records start with 1, 2 and 3 , then while creating the schema you can make 1,2,3 as the name of your record definition.
Let me know if this works.


hi RMG and shubro,

  thanks a lot for your help.:happy: :happy: :happy: 

this did helped me. i have named the records with the 1,2,3 and the Parsing is done successfully.I am even clear now with this concept too.
This was a layout that i got to parse and now i think i can proceed further with the process.

Thanks again,