Flat file record identifier

my flat file has record identifier as 799 and 799R. record starting with 799 has 4th field as ‘N’ or ‘T’. can you help me define the schema. I saw in my schema that 799R records are coming under 799. Thank you in advance.

if u can please elaborate the record structure …that would be helpful in giving the solution…
from what i can understand …each record in the flat file starts with either 799 or 799R …if this is right…
your schema should be

Record identifier at position 0 .
name the first record as 799 and second record as 799R…

If you describe identifier for one record as 799 and the other as 799R would n’t the 799R records also not get treated as 799 records ?

If your 799 and 799R records are of the same format, I would suggest having just 799 as record identifier and then branch on the 4th field for N or T.

Let me know if that works.

799 and 799R have different structure. and if I define record identifier as 799 and 799R, all are treated as 799 only. Thank you.

Can you send me your test data. That might give a better picture.