Flat file processing question


i have to store flat file records to data base using flat file web method services. Can i get proper information or material for this?
So that i could study that.


Basically u need to build a FFSchema by looking at you flatfile in the Developer tool and using WmFlatFile Adapter service convertToValues(this will parse the flatfile to a IDATA(record structure) based on the FFSchema that you created)if successfull first step is done.

Second step will be for interacting database you need to use WmJDBCAdapter or WmDB package services and map the flatfile records to the insert service inputs this will insert the values to DB.

So please read ISFFSchemauserguide,JDBCAdapter documentation for accomplishing the task.Please also explore various methods/functions of webMethods IntegrationServer,Flows,Developer tool,JDBC etc…it helps you moving further.

Please browse this forum before posting for any basic help and procedures.