First Time


You may want to choose a “smaler” screen name!!

and how do you change that? :confused:

You would need to beg the administrator to do it for you. Cash donations might help as well. :wink:


I like too many things about this new look of the forum to list them down here… but there is one thing that I miss about the earlier version - it used to show the names rather than the userIds. Not a biggie… but you know…

Also, I was wondering what does reputation mean? What’s its importance… and why does mine always say “Off the scale”? :-/


Reputations are affected when people click on the “Add to xx’s reputation” link which is the icon that looks like balancing scales. That title just means no one has left any “reputation feedback” for you yet.

I originally wanted to use the fullnames as the usernames. However, we had hundreds of duplicate fullnames on the old board and no good way to determine which one was the one that should be kept. Usernames on the other hand were unique.

One day there could be a “mod” to display the fullname, but by default there is no place to enter your name on the registration page. In the meantime you can see the user’s profile by clicking on their username. If they were migrated from the old site, you should see the “imported_fullname” field which holds that info.


mark, where do you find that “add to xx’s reputation” link.

i like this new interface.
especially you can move the pointer over the link and it will display the details in the form of tooltip. :slight_smile:

i guess there are lot of such cool features which can be explored.

hi everybody … i am new to this forum

Welcome to wMUsers!!!,raaj