Finding dependent triggers

We are needing to stop a connection to a back end system, and will need to do a pub.trigger:suspendRetrieval on all of the triggers that call services that call adapter services that depend on that connection. In developer, you can do a “Find Dependents” on the connection, which will show all of the adapter services that depend on the connection. You can then drill down to the triggers that ultimately fire these adapter services.

I would like to find a way to program this so that when we shut down a connection, it will suspend all of the dependent triggers. We could just hard code the list of the trigger names, but I think a more maintainable approach would be to do this. By the way, we are on IS 6.1. I am having a hard time finding the services that developer uses to obtain this information. Any ideas?


When you go to the developer/lib folder on your file system you can find developer.jar executable file. open the file with winzip and you will find DependencyAPI.class under \com\webMethods\developer\server folder and all related classes under com\webMethods\developer\is\dependency folder.decompile those classes and go through those java codes.It is generating the dependents and references.

Thanks Jay. I will take a look.