find out parameter files in use

Hello all!

Is there any smart posibility to find out which of our >90 parameter files are in use. I think most of them are not in use. But I’m not sure.

I got the idea (similar to our natural programs) to use some kind of buffer pool statistis. But it seems like parameter files are read from the file system directly.

Of course I can rename it and wait if everything is OK. But is there any better idea?

We are on NAT6.3.9@Solaris



Hello Matthias,

there is a tricky solution.

Define in each parameter module a printer which is not used (e.g. number 31)
Define in the Pathname of the printer the name of the parametermodule

During runtime (e.g. if use natural security use LOGONEX1) you can get the information of the printer 31 with help of USR1069P.

Write the information, that the parameter module is used to the filesystem.

So you can get the information of ‘used’ parametermoduls.

Hope it helps.

Hi Matthias,

The name of the parameter module you can get from *PARM-USER.

But you still have the risk that you don’t detect rarely used modules. Recommend you rename by adding e.g. a prefix of Z to the module name. Then you can always quickly bring it back again in case it is still neded. And if still not needed for a year or two you can delete it.

Knows this mess around parameter modules on Open Systems. Each appl.programmer tend to make his own parameter modules because it is so easy. :?

Best regards,

Thanks DSS-G and Mogens.

Mogens describes my problem. The bad thing is: You don’t know for what the Parameter Module is (or was) good for. Maybe it’s an ndvsrv-parameter module - so you will never start a “normal” natural-session with it. Maybe it’s a parameter module for an RPC-Server, …

Perhaps natparm executable should not be installed by default or somehow kept away from “ordinary” people? :wink:

On mainframe we do not have this issue because it requires assemble and linking to make a new module. :slight_smile: