Find Command

I am trying to access Adabas database file using Natural program. I am using FIND command to fetch the records from Adabas DB using the descriptor (key). When I am doing so, I can see same data fetched more than 1 time. I want to know the reason,

  1. why same data is fetched multiple times, when the table cannot have duplicate values.
  2. How do we overcome this issue.


You do not seem to understand Adabas at all.

All fields, including descriptors, can have duplicate values.

For example; surname could be a descriptor field, and there might be multiple records with the surname Natarajan.

There is an option to specify a descriptor field has unique values, but that is something usually done by a DBA, not a programmer.

When reporting the records, include the ISN field. Each ISN represents a unique record.

FIND file WITH descriptor = value
  DISPLAY *ISN descriptor

If the ISNs are different, then you were mistaken in thinking the descriptor values are unique (“the table cannot have duplicate values”). If the ISNs are duplicated, then a descriptor component is from a multiple-occurring field, and the same record is being returned multiple times.

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