Filtering an IData array

Want to filter an IData array.
For example, i am having “Transactions” IData array and want to filter this IData array with the help of amount fields.
The absolute path of the amount field would be like IData array list(Document list) -> IData array(Document) -> String field.

Do we have any in build flow or java service to carry out this filtering?


IData array is document list.

You should use loop, in your case to filter by some value, you should set the input array and the output array of the loop statement.
the output array use for the filtered data

Thank you for your reply. I thought of using any inbuilt function available. Do we have any inbuilt function where we can give multiple filters irrespective IData structure?


I remembered one thread on this forum already discussed about any probably solutions, included the performance impacts.
but sorry i forgot about the url of the thread