Filter Input Control


I m using Filter Input Control, which has option for Go button. I need clear button as well to clear the value entered by user because control holds the entered value after clicking Go button. I tried to use java script to SetValue ("") in click of button but that doesn’t help.

If any one used Filter Input Control, let me know what are all the JS method supported for Filter Input Control,
How to reset the value entered in the Filter Input Control


The jsdocs for the filter control client side model is @

I haven’t tried this, but you should be able to do something like from javascript:

//get the model for the control from its id
var m = CAF.model(’#{caf:cid(“filterInputControlIdHere”)}’);
//set the value

Yes I did try that but it didnt work.

I m using webMethods 713. But I dont find that JS documentation in 713. Is it any product issue ? any other inputs to achieve in 713?

Since JS didnt work well, i created control accessor for the filter input control and used its method in Java Action. This works fine.

Thanks Eric. If you find better way let me know.


Can you please share the code sample or advice me what I method I should use to reset Filter text box from server side.

I have created Control Accessor on server side but I am not getting how to proceed after that.

Thanks in Advance.


The simplest way to modify the filter value from the server side would be:

  1. Create a new String field in your page bean
  2. Bind the ‘filter’ property of your table control to the field created at #1

Then any action handler can modify the value of the field from #1 and it would be applied to the table the next time it is rendered.

Hi Eric,

thanks for the solution. :slight_smile: