FileIO Adapter Maintaining an Open Socket

I am attempting to read from a socket using the “Socket Poll” configured operation.

I would like to this socket connection to remain open constantly. I do not want it to die ever. Will setting the Connection Timeout to a rediculously high number prevent the socket from closing? That is, does the Connection Timeout timer reset to 0 after each new read?

This actually became irrelevant.

Because the File/IO Adapter is not designed to call, it could not be used to listen to a socket feed on a remote port. The webMethods Professional Services team developed an adapter called the Persistent Socket Adapter that will be deployed instead.

The Operation Templates for the Persistent Socket Adapter are:

  1. Send Message
  2. Read Message
  3. Receive Message
  4. Open Connection
  5. Close Connection
  6. Create Message
  7. Pull Pending Message
  8. Push Pending Message
  9. Fixed Length Parse
  10. Delimited Parse
  11. Get Next Message ID
  12. Get Last Message ID Received
  13. Set Last Message ID Received

Our integration does not require all of these templates, but we use the Open Connection to connect to the Socket Server and Receive Message to process bytes across the stream. Obviously, we use Close Connection to terminate our connection to the Socket Server.

This adapter was built to perform a function that the File/IO adapter lacks. The Persistent Socket Adapter opens a connection on a remote Socket Server and calls to that server until the connection is explicitly closed.

I would like to say “problem solved”, but that won’t be the case until the Persistent Socket Adapter is fully and rigorously tested by webMethods’ engineers and released as a GA’ed product. Because the Persistent Socket Adapter is a webMethods PS solution, its use is not supported by the webMethods Customer Support team.