File Renaming: Does WebMethods do this automatically??

When we get in a flat file, we have file polling set up to run a certain flow. When it moves this file from the working directory to either the done or the error directory the filename has been changed.

There is a prefix which has been placed on it which says: “FilePolling.[5DigitSequenceNumber].”

So my question is; If WebMethod automatically does this behind the scenes; is there a way to shut it off so it does not change the file name?



I spent a bit of time yesterday coming up with a unix shell script to automatically rename the files in the error directory - you can use it do do the same for the done directory (if you’re on unix)


cd /path/to/poll/error
for currentFile in $(ls); do
newfile=echo $currentFile | sed 's/^FilePolling.[0-9]*.//g'
echo $currentFile “::” $newfile
mv /path/to/poll/error/$currentFile /path/to/poll/error/$newfile

Thanks Greg,

someone from webMethods did write to me and wrote that this ‘renaming’ "should be something within the webMethods code. :~)

I appreciate you sharing the code!

Thanks again,


Hey mate

Did you get this working?

I really need this as I need to use the renamed file name in a service and with this stupid prefix I can never know what it is

I would suggest,

Do the file file polling for that directory and use “pub.flow:getTransportInfo” to get file name.