File Read in parts

I have a large XML file in file system.Now if I use “pub.client.ftp:get” it causing memeory issue.I want to just read the parts of file(may be some char/bytes) at a time and process it accordingly and again to read the next some bytes/char and process.Now my problem is how to read the parts of file without loading it in IS.


May be you can do this via ftp:quote…check this article from SAG tech forum migration site:


Also for reading node by node XML review the built in services guide under xml folder getXMLNodeIterator/getNextXMLNode services.

Another note when ever dealing large files retrieval consider stream based processing rather than bytes loading.


Hello RMG,
I have tried the same way as mentioned in the softwareag link, but when I am using pub.client.ftp:get after ftp:quote[REST], I am getting the full file,instead of getting a parts of the file as expected.

Also i am not sure about the argument to be passed in REST command in ftp:quote.I have only passed the pointer value from where file reading to be started.

Any kind of suggestion will help me great.