File is being read but null to treat it

Hi! I’m using flow service, and when I get my file through my REST connector, i can see in the output that the file is not empty, but when I try to treat the content (mapping document to document, for example) it tells me it is “null”

I think it’s in the format, that it’s sort of “invisible”, but I just can’t find the right method of conversion to make read it right

The output when I recover it looks like this :

I can transform it to JSON, and then document again, but it’s just going to take it as empty (null)

Any ideas?

That format looks like an XML. Why are you converting it to JSON? Your requirement isn’t clear. Can you explain what is the main goal of this service? If you are trying to consume a SAP service use the connectors, or import the WSDL. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

I think you are asking us to fix your attempted solution but what you are trying to do doesn’t look right. If you explain further may be we can provide a better solution.

Hello Engin SARLAK.
I finally found the bug. In fact, the xml was being converted with a prefix:0 , il every folder (which we don’t see here). I just erase this prefix in the Document Type of my REST connector, and it started recognising the file.
Thank you anyway, and I hope it will serve others that encounter the same bug


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