Fatal error handling(suspend on error to true) in Trigger properties

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Can you please any one explain me how to implement this scenario , i mean to suspend the document retrival and processing by setting the Fatal Error Handling of suspend on error =true in tirgger properties whenever a fatal error occurs in the Trigger Service and also give me some possible scenario’s where Fatal Error’s occurs in the webMethods services.

Note :-- We need a scenario without Transient Error Handling implementation.

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So you want scenario, where in, you are processing steps in a process model. During processing you are trying to simulate fatal error like connection issue on broker or IS components, memory issue, thread size issue? Could you explain more in detail?

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We are trying to implement a simple Pub-Sub model where publishing service publishes a document and have a trigger(we have set the Fatal Error handling property of suspend on error=true ) whose subscribes this document ,after document is subscribed it invokes a trigger which is been provided in the trigger .

If suppose some fatal error occurs in the trigger service we need to suspend the trigger(i mean suspend the document retrival and processing) .

we want to when fatal errors will occur in the webMethods Trigger service.

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This you can implement this in this way. In trigger properties, there is a property,trigger Monitoring Service, set a service which uses a trigger specification which has either true/false property. If it is false then trigger should go Suspended. Kindly try to implement, let us know if you face any problems


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I believe Trigger Resource monitoring service used to check for Transient error handling ,bcz this Resource monitor service used to check the respective resource is still down or it is up.please explain me; how this Resource monitoring service helps in recognizing the Fatal Errors.

Can you please explain me how Fatal Error occurs in webMethods.

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Did you look the public Event Manager services for error handling to catch various transient errors?


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I am sorry, you are right. I didn’t notice its for fatal error handling. Kindly also share once you implement the logic.


Basically if the service called from trigger fails and the exception returned is not an ISruntimeException, it is treated as a fatal error. If you want transient error you need to throw an exception using throwExceptionForRetry service.