failure to run a process contains user task

after restating webmethods server we found that a created process can not continue if it runs a user task in it however it was running successfully before . and any process contains a user task also is stuck i.e.the user task is not completed in the process engine but it is shown to be completed in the task list management "

Hello Soliman,

Can you provide more details such as product version and fix level details ?


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Hi Wessam,

I know this is old thread alreday. Can you please let us know how you have solved the issue?

Recently we have also faced with exactly same issue where user task is getting status to completed but BPM step is not moving to next step. For us there was some issue in UM for internal publishing to PERestartTopic. Due to some issue IS user was not removed for publish allowed list. After fix its working now.

Baharul Islam