Failed to call a service to trigger/start a Process from portlet

Dear All,

I am using webMethod 7.1.
Now I try to create a portlet which submit a Process.
I created a service at Devloper first and which is no problem when I test it.(Able to create new Process). so, both Process and Service should be no problem.

But when I create a portlet and call this service from it. It was failed and got the followings error, does anyone know what is the reasons behind it? Thanks.

IS server logs:
2008-02-20 02:09:34 CST [ISC.0076.0016I] Soap Message Coder warning; unregistered coder for variable route, using String

MWS logs:
008-02-20 02:09:35 CST (jsf : INFO) [RID:25] - Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{HelloPortletDefaultviewView.signatureProvider3.array}”: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: byte
at Method)
at org.mortbay.http.ContextLoader.loadClass(
at org.mortbay.http.ContextLoader.loadClass(


Can you please provide more information, such as:

Do you have any document you want to publish or no?

Does the flow service your using have Input/output fields?
Does those fields exist on your portlet?
are this field bound correctly?

I think you are trying to start your process from a task view.

Did you check your ‘endPoint’ value.