Facing issue with HTTP Protocol

Dear all,

we are trying to hit the service through URL where we could able to do through IE browser but when we pass the same URL to pub.client.http , we are getting timeout error.

we have even tried by passing the arguments with the args in the pub.client.http but still we are facing the issue.

we set the connect timeout property also but still facing the same issue :frowning: kindly help us to resolve the same.



Does the url starts with http or https?

Hi Mahesh,

Currently it is set as below

and URL starts with https

Even we have passed the value for connectTimeout in pub.client.http service

Kindly suggest any solution.


Try specifying the number of seconds, I guess IS restart is not required.

Also your URL is https and I assume there would be some certificates involved.

Hello Raj

You need to check various network configurations and that depends on how security conscious your organisation is:

  • You can temporarily use a proxy configured in the integration server. This will use your organisation’s proxy server which is generally configured in your browser. Don’t use this for production, it will upset your network people!!!
  • Check the hostname in the url is resolvable. From the box where Integration Server is installed run the command nslookup . If that doesn’t work you need to tell your network people to add a DNS entry. Alternatively you can add the hostname to ip mapping in /etc/hosts file.
  • Check with your network people on firewall settings. If the server you are trying to connect to is external you need to talk to your network people to punch a hole in the firewall. This is standard practice in most organisations.
  • If the server you are trying to connect to is internal and you already have a proxy configured, then you need to configure proxy bypass for your hostname.
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