Extracting data from the envelope of an ebxml document


Since the ebxml documentation (page 46) states that I can write XQL queries to query any information from the envelope of the ebxml message, I am trying to extract the service and action values from it.

I am updating the TN document type “ebxml Payload” to extract the values of service and the action when I send/receive the ebxml message.
This is to enable a person viewing the transaction analysis screen to get the value of service and action whenever we send or receive an ebxml payload. Rather than going into the content tab of the transaction and pulling out the xml to determine what the ebxml payload message was for.

In order to do this I have added 2 documents attributes:

  1. CPA Service
  2. CPA Action

Then under the extract tab of the “ebxml Payload” document I have tried various XQL queries to retrieve these values but it just doesn’t let me do it.

XQL 1 - /SOAP-ENV:Envelope[0]/SOAP-ENV:Header[0]/eb:MessageHeader[0]/eb:Action[0]
XQL 2 - /Envelope[0]/soap:Envelope[0]/soap:Header[0]/eb:MessageHeader[0]/eb:Action[0]
XQL 3 - /Envelope/soap:Envelope/soap:Header/eb:MessageHeader/eb:Action

Any ideas how to go about doing this?