extension of process model file

Hi All,

I am new to modeler, I couldn’t find these info in pdf, kindly tell me if anyone knows the following information.

My application has process models, I would like to open that model in designer, will the process model resides any default location of IS or it can be saved any where else in IS. I would like to know the extension of process model file.

My assumption is the process model will be in IS, we have get it from IS and keep it designer workspace then we can view it from desginer.

Please help me if my assumption is wrong.


Hi Devi,
What is the version your Integration Server?

If your version is 6.x, you can use Modeler, connect to a IS and search for some exact process model that you are looking for… Extension of these models are .model files.

If your version is 7.x or later, extension is .process files. You should export the .process file when built initially. You can import it in any other system that has designer. Everywhere, there will be a copy of the process in this case.

In case if you don’t have the latest process model, refer the below link on how to extract it from database.



Hi Senthil,
I am working in 7.1.2. From integration folder I have searched *.process file, I cudn’t find it. As per the other thread, I would like query that table but I don’t have passwd for it. It is very useful information. Thank you for ur help. Now only I got a chance to work with process model, do we need to have WmModeler package to create process model in 7.x? my application don’t have this package. (In fact I started other thread also for this topic)


wMModeler is was available only on 6.x version. Integration server will only have artifacts( packages, triggers, services) created when you build and upload process model. Process definition is stored in process audit database. What are you trying to achieve using wmModeler package ?