Extended Portlet Url control


I want to navigate from portlet A to a specific view in portlet B and invoke an action handler in the second portlet.

To do this, I have a basic navigation link in portlet A. Inside this link, I put a Portlet Url Script and finally inside this control I put an Extended Portlet URL.

Here is the value that I put for the properties of my Extended Portlet URL:
Base URL: portal page alias name of portlet B
Portlet: portlet B alias name
Target view: the view name of portlet B, where I want to be redirected

When I click on the link of portlet A, I’ve been successfully redirected to target view of portlet B.

In the target view of portlet B, I have a command button, which is attached to an action handler method in page bean of portlet B. The problem is that, when I click on the command button, the action handler method is not invoked. Instead, it seems that portlet A is submitted.

Why my action handler in portlet B is not invoked? It seems that the Extended Portlet URL render a portlet inside a portlet. How can I make a redirect from portlet A to portlet B view, so I can call the action handler in portlet B?


You need to change the way the (EPU) Extended Portlet Url control is setup.

It still doesn’t call the action handler. When I click on the command button in the target view of portlet B, I get redirect to the default view of portlet B. I think it’s because the property “target view” of EPU just render the portlet B to this view but the URL is the default view of portlet B.



any development on this issue