Execution enabled is not editable for the business process model in my webmethods server


I created the process model successfully in webMethods 8.2.1 version.

the environment is also successfully deployed.

but while edit the process model for execution. the option “execution enabled” is not editable in the business processes option in MWS.

Could you please help me to resolve the issue?, here i am attached the screen shot of the process model details in MWS.

Please select the edit option of your process model in MWS. you will get an check box for the execution enabled, please select that and save.

Note: if you are modifying your process model in designer then you have to build and upload it again, then only you will get your latest process model in MWS.

Doc1.docx (82.4 KB)

I edit the option for the process model, after that, I tried to select the option “Execution Enabled”, but this option is not working. I mean, this option is not working. (not able to select)

see the attached image for reference.

Is it required any fix to resolve the issue?

Can you please tell me the current path, Is it under Administration->monitoring…?

It is in Administration --> Business --> Business Processes

Use the below service and try…


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