Exception occurred while processing the body of the message

I suffered a trouble about Web Services interoperability about webMethods 6.1.

First,I make a flow service and then generate a WSDL from this flow service.I used SOAP-MSG as the Protocol,HTTP as the Via Transport and a document data type like RosettaNet PIP4B2 as the input when I generated the WSDL.
Then,I import this WSDL file to my .Net C# program and make this program as the web service client.
At the beginning,I forgot to assign namespaces to the flow service and the input document data type described in the 31th page of Web Service Developers Guide 6.pdf.So,there was a “namespace:localname: service not be found” error.Then,I repaired this issue.But there was a new exception like "[ISC.0088.0001E] SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9134]
Exception occurred while processing the body of the message “.
This issue had been submit but no answer in “[url=“http://advantage.webmethods.com/cgi-bin/advantage/main.jsp?w=0&targChanId=knowledgebase&oid=1611894020”]http://advantage.webmethods.com/cgi-bin/advantage/main.jsp?w=0&targChanId=knowledgebase&oid=1611894020[/url]”,It seems like a fix " IS 6-1 Fix11” can resolve this issue.

I installed the fix IS6_1_FIX11 ,but it could not resolved the exception .

But when I generated the WSDL using SOAP-RPC protocol,the .Net web service client worked without any exception.But in fact,I want to use SOAP-MSG protocol in my project.So,please help!

I attached the Level 10 log as below:

2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISS.0109.0001V1] Service OutboundTest:outboundTest was
invoked via SOAP
2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0088.0001E] SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9134] Exceptio
n occurred while processing the body of the message
2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error

2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> Set-Cookie: ssnid=5q6pC7zfC|o95tUk
IVK7YzhPr3Ug=555525; path=/;
2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> Content-Type: text/xml;charset=utf
2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> Connection: Keep-Alive
2005-03-16 16:40:21 CST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> Content-Length: 878

And when I used webMethods as the web service client,I run the client and got a soap fault as below:

<faultstring>[ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message</faultstring>
<webm:message>java.lang.Exception: missing required parameter ‘document’</webm:message>