Exception caught Put : com/ibm/mq/constants/MQConstants


We are getting error as below while sending message to MQ. This error in 9.12 but same service working fine in 9.6.
But when I remove “msgHeader.PutApplType” from Output Field Name of adapter Service then it is working. Please help me to fix this issue in 9.12 (Jars are same in 9.6 and 9.12).

com.wm.pkg.art.error.DetailedServiceException: [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service .
[ADA.600.1055] Exception caught Put : com/ibm/mq/constants/MQConstants

Caused by: com.wm.adk.error.AdapterServiceException: [ADA.600.1055] Exception caught Put : com/ibm/mq/constants/MQConstants
at com.wm.adk.error.AdapterException.(AdapterException.java:299)
at com.wm.adk.WmAdapter.createAdapterException(WmAdapter.java:182)
at com.wm.adk.WmAdapter.createAdapterException(WmAdapter.java:166)
at com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.service.Put.execute(Put.java:435)
at com.wm.adk.cci.interaction.WmInteraction.execute(WmInteraction.java:76)
at com.wm.pkg.art.ns.AdapterServiceNode.invokeService(AdapterServiceNode.java:362)
… 37 more
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/mq/constants/MQConstants
at com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.connection.wmMQMessage.copyMsgFieldsToMQMD(wmMQMessage.java:498)
at com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.connection.wmMQMessage.copyMsgFieldsToMQMD(wmMQMessage.java:220)
at com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.service.Put.execute(Put.java:362)

Thanks in Advance

Hi Ravi,

please provide a list of you MQ libraries located under WmMQAdapter/code/jars.

According to the Adapter Requirements Guide there should be 5 of them.
As per the error message you are missing at least one of them.

What is the Fix level of your MQ Adapter?


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your quick reply and help.

As per Adapter Requirements Guide I have placed all 5 jars and tested but no luck :frowning:

We are using fix: MQS_6.5_Fix38


Hi Ravi,

did your reload the WmMQAdapter package after placing the jars?

This is neccessary to get them loaded.

Can you check for the version of the jars?
You will the information in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file inside the jar.

The mentiond class is part of the com.ibm.mq.jmqi.jar

I am currently running with Jars for MQ on wM 9.5 with MQ Fix 35 without issues.

If possible you should open an incident in Empower eService to get Support Team involved.


Hi Holger,

Yes we reloaded / restarted server also. in 9.6 (MQ Fix 35) it is working good.
We are going to check with Empower support team on this issue.

Thanks for your help.