exception building TWS 4.2

I’m trying to build TWS, which I checked out from the TWS421_BRANCH.
It’s supposed to work with the 2.0 releases of slide server and client.

I’m using
- jakarta-slide-2.0-tomcat-5.0.19
- jakarta-slide-webdavclient-bin-2.0
- jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19.zip

When running “ant tree” I get an exception:
"[javac] C:\Programme\eclipse\workspace\jakarta-slide\proposals\tamino\src\store\org\apache\slide\store\tamino\datastore\search\XBasicQueryImpl.java:70: expressionFactory is not public in org.apache.slide.search.basic.BasicQueryImpl; cannot be accessed from outside package"

Checked the build.properties file, but can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong in there.

Any ideas?