Examples of using LDAP server as JNDI provider for BrokerJMS

Has anyone successfully used an LDAP server such as the IBM Tivoli Directory Server to store JMS administered objects such as Topic Connection Factories and Topics?

The JMS Provider Programmer’s Guide 6.1 references the use of an LDAP server as the JNDI provider but does not give any information regarding how to configure the LDAP server other than to say that schema validation be disabled or the java object schema be installed.

When I use My webMethods Server’s Naming Directories function to attempt to add an LDAP server as JNDI provider I get the following exception:

[FONT=Arial]javax.naming.OperationNotSupportedException: [LDAP: error code 53 - Unwilling To Perform]; remaining name ''[/font]



Any luck with this? I have a requirement to access external JMS using LDAP protocol for JNDI lookup. Basically, I need to configure JMS Adapter connection that would lookup JNDI context using LDAP server. Did you accomplish something similar?

Gregory Kanevsky


Not yet. I opened an SR with WM Support two weeks ago asking for examples, but have not received anything yet. Strange that they recommend using LDAP as a JNDI server over the webMethods Naming Service (wmjmsnaming), but provide so little documentation on how to configure such a thing.

So far, our use of wmjmsnaming has not seen any issues in performance and we have not seen any issues with IS JMS adapter polling notificaitons, plain ole java (pojo) or J2EE message-driven beans (MDBs) performing lookups.


hi Mark

We are having sort of same issue with LDAP as JNDI provider in wM 7.1.1, i posted the error under


any reply will be greatly helpful to us


Hi Mark,

webMethods JNDI provider gave us problem when we changed the default broker from Broker #1 to some other. This happens when you try to re-deploy your environment in MWS and this causes the optimize components to use the default settings thereby assuming Broker #1 in the JNDI.properties file. (it was Red Hat Linux environment)

I had requested software ag guys and they recommended not to use webMethods JNDI provider.

I had asked for documentation for configuring other JNDI provider but I haven’t received it… .well I will surely share with you all once i get it.