Every so often showing modal dialog disables entire browser window

On MWS 8.2, I have a modal dialog which I toggle via a one-way-toggle-button, the setting for the button is ‘show’ (although same happens for ‘toggle’). Once is a long while clicking this toggle button doesn’t actually show the modal dialog but the effect is as if the dialog was showing, i.e the screen greys and no interaction is allowed with the entire browser page. Could this be a known issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Tanaka,

Is your problem is solved…
If not then can you please explain if you are facing any problem in setting up modal dialog or it is dialog is some times not appearing.

Here is one complete example for setting up modal dialog …

Please let us know if you still facing any problem.

Baharul Islam

Howzit Baharul

The setup of the dialog seems for all intents and purposes to be fine. In fact the dialog will function correctly for the most part and only ever so rarely when a user presses the button that toggles the modal dialog, the screen goes grey without the dialog actually showing and the only way to carry on is to F5 the page.